Nordic Diana Competition Javelin - 600 g - Flex 6.2

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Professional javelin with a stiff steel shaft. Thin galvanised steel tip. Suitable for throwing 55 m or more. Easily recogniseable due to its unique Nordic spiral design.

Nordic javelin flex classification
Nordic created a flex scale for competition javelins. The flex number refers to the javelins’ stiffness, tip shape and recommended throwing distance range. The smaller the flex number, the harder the javelin.


Competition suitability: DLV, FFA, FIDAL, PZLA, RFEA, UKA, USATF, WA (formerly IAAF)
Tip material: Galvanised steel
Tip shape: Thin tip
Weight: 600 g
Colour: Purple-White
Type: Competition javelin
Certificates: WA (formerly IAAF)
Material: Steel
WA Certification (formerly IAAF): I-99-0018

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