4Throws 600g Competition Javelin - RUBBER TIP


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Unleash Potential with the 4THROWS 50-Meter Rated Javelin


Engineered for champions, the 4THROWS Competition Javelin fuses precision, power, and aerodynamics, propelling you beyond the norm.





Key Features:

  • Aerodynamic Mastery: Glide confidently through the air, benefitting from streamlined perfection that maximizes efficiency and extends your reach.

  • 50-Meter Rated Performance: Conquer personal bests with a 4THROWS javelin rated for an impressive 50 meters.

  • Custom Deluxe PVC Tube: Securely encased in a bespoke PVC tube with threaded end-cap and retaining cord, your javelin is protected for peak performance.

  • Guaranteed IAAF Specifications: Compete with confidence, knowing your 4THROWS javelin surpasses all IAAF specifications.

  • Stiffer Design for Extended Throws: A higher meter rating counteracts vibration, allowing you to throw farther—adding enhanced control and distance.

Durability, Quality, and Ideal for Champions:

Crafted with unwavering commitment, 4THROWS javelins symbolize dedication and promise enduring gear for champions.

Unleash power. Shatter barriers. Set records. With the 4THROWS 50-Meter Rated Javelin, victory is not just possible; it's inevitable.

For Male throwers beyond 160ft, and female throwers beyond 125ft, the Polanik SpaceMaster Javelin is for you. 


NOTE:  Photos may not depict correct colors, but the descriptions are accurate.  If you order a BLUE/BLACK javelin, you will receive a BLUE/BLACK javelin.

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