FinnFlier (AEROJAV)

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Duncan Atwood's 450gr FinnFlier (AEROJAV) imported from Finland.  These are now used by USATF for 11-12 year old javelin competitions.

A great learning tool that is safe to throw, and easy on the elbow due to the flexible shaft of the implement.

NOTE: These FinnFliers are available in both the standard plastic handle, or an upgraded real corded handle wrapped by javelin Olympian Duncan Atwood.   

FinnFliers are shipped wrapped in corrugated cardboard for safe transport.

 We are not allowed to sell FinnFliers for less than $79.99 due to Minimum Pricing Rules.

The Deluxe corded FinnFliers are currently shipping with RED Handles, Tips and Tails. We recommend the Real Corded Handles because they are closer to the real javelin. 


Top Javelin Coaches Use the Finnflier®

Over the years we’ve received many reports of some of the best coaches in
the world using the Finnflier® to train their athletes, from youth to world
class throwers. National champions, Olympic Trials finalists, and other
world ranked throwers include the Finnflier® in their training.

Many have said that they use it for injury recovery, injury avoidance, flight
training, fun, and to allow many more throws in practice than would be
otherwise possible with full weight javelins.
The coach’s quotes range from, “Of course it’s better. If my athlete had
thrown a 600g javelin on that awful sidearm throw, she would have hurt her
elbow” to “The one mistake I’ve made with the Finnflier® is that I didn’t get
more of them sooner”.

In Germany, 2016 Olympic Javelin Gold Medallist Thomas Rohler uses the
Finnflier® in his training sessions at his Jena Javelin facility. Check out the

Independent coaches here in the US have been using the Finnflier® for
years, with great success. There are different patterns of use - some use it
for Fall training only, some year round. Some throw three Finns, then two
competition weight javelins in a session, while others will throw the Finns
for 25 throws then competition weight javelins. Most leave it up to the
athletes, who can tell what feels best. We see the best results when the
athletes use them year round. They get good at throwing far!

Youth throwers throw the Finnflier® for the whole session, but again, more
throws are possible and the learning is good. The Finnflier®’s dual safety
features, of protection from a throwing injury and from impact, are much
appreciated. Plus being able to throw on turf fields helps practice logistics.

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