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4THROWS SUPER SPIN DISCUS: Precision Perfected for Champions

The 4THROWS SUPER SPIN DISCUS stands as a pinnacle of discus engineering, meticulously crafted for winners who demand excellence. With an extraordinary 85% rim weight and a staggering 75-meter rating, this discus is tailored for advanced throwers aiming for unparalleled precision and distance.

Key Features:

  • Superior 85% Rim Weight: Dominate the competition with the unparalleled balance of the 4THROWS SUPER SPIN DISCUS. The exceptional 85% rim weight sets a new standard for advanced throwers seeking optimal performance.

  • Durable Construction: Crafted with a double black zinc-coated rim and sleek black plates, this discus not only exudes style but also provides the durability required by advanced throwers. The outer steel rim ensures perfect weight distribution for consistent, powerful throws.

  • Ideal for Advanced Throwers: The 4THROWS SUPER SPIN DISCUS is specifically designed for advanced throwers who demand precision, power, and consistency in every throw.

  • Versatile 75-Meter Rating: Achieve remarkable distances with the 4THROWS SUPER SPIN DISCUS, rated at an impressive 75 meters. Ideal for those pursuing excellence in competition and striving to break personal records.

  • World Athletics Certified: Trust in the quality and precision of the 4THROWS SUPER SPIN DISCUS, as it proudly holds the esteemed World Athletics Certification, meeting the highest international standards for competitive throws.

  • Discus Bag Included: Your journey to victory begins with the 4THROWS SUPER SPIN DISCUS, complete with a specially designed discus bag for secure and convenient transportation.

Elevate Your Throws to Uncharted Distances:

This discus is more than equipment; it's a declaration of your commitment to reaching new heights in your throws. With the 4THROWS SUPER SPIN DISCUS, every release is a step toward the podium.

World Athletics Certified



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